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Claire Colburn: You know, You're always trying to break up with me, and we're not even together.
Drew Baylor: I know... We're not?

Claire Colburn: And so we all became helpers, which I so can't help. I can't help helping.

Claire Colburn: I want you to get into the deep beautiful melancholy of everything that's happened.

Claire Colburn: To have never taken a solitary road trip across country? I mean everybody's got to take a road trip, at least once in their lives. Just you and some music.

Claire Colburn: I'm going to miss your lips. And everything attached to them.

Drew Baylor: And who says we have to listen to 'them'?
Claire Colburn: They do.

Claire Colburn: I think I've been asleep most of my life.
Drew Baylor: Me too.

Claire Colburn: Just tell me you love me and get it over with.

Claire Colburn: I'm one of a kind.

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Younger Amy March: We've been expectorating you for hours.

Younger Amy March: Well, it's not like being stuck with the dreadful nose you get. One does have a choice to whom one loves.

Younger Amy March: Butter! Oh isn't butter divinity? Oh god thank you for this breakfast.

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Justine: But I tried, Claire.
Claire: You did. I know you did.

Justine: I'm frightened, Mom. I have trouble walking properly.
Gaby: You can still wobble, I see. So just wobble the hell out of here. Stop dreaming, Justine.
Justine: I'm scared.
Gaby: We all are, sweetie. Just forget it. Get the hell out of here.

Tim: The way I see it, you're now short of a boss and a husband, could I, in all humility, offer my services? You have the ideas. I have the head for business. We could be the perfect couple. We've had good sex.
Justine: I don't think that's a very good idea.
Tim: No. No.

Justine: I smile, and I smile, and I smile.

Leo: Dad says there's nothing to do then. Nowhere to hide.
Justine: If your dad said that, then he's forgotten about something. He's forgotten about the magic cave.

Justine: You want to meet on the terrace, and sip wine, the three of us?
Claire: It would make me happy.
Justine: Do you know what I think of your plan?
Claire: No. I was hoping that you might like it.
Justine: I think it's a piece of shit.
Claire: Please, Justine. I just want it to be nice.
Justine: Nice? Why don't we meet on the fucking toilet?
Claire: Fine, then - let's not.
Justine: You're damn right let's not.
Claire: I really hate you sometimes.

Justine: Life is only on Earth. And not for long.

Justine: You know what I think of your plan. I think that it's a piece of shit.

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