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Homer Wells: They wanted a girl, Curly.
Curly: Nobody ever wants me.
Homer Wells: Oh, hey. Hey, come on. Come here. You know, you're one of the best, Curly, and we wouldn't let just anyone take you.
Curly: Dr. Larch wouldn't let just anyone take any of us.
Homer Wells: Well, that's true.
Curly: Nobody's asked for me, have they?
Homer Wells: Nobody special enough, Curly.
Curly: You mean somebody has?
Homer Wells: Only the right people can have you. Now what do you say we go unpack your suitcase?

Candy Kendall: He volunteered. Jesus. Nobody volunteers for the Burma run. He said so himself. He just leaves me here. What does he want? He wants me to wait for him? Oh, God he knows me. He knows I'm not good at being alone. This was right. I know this was right.
Homer Wells: You're right. This was right.
Candy Kendall: Yeah.

Homer Wells: I've looked at so many women. I've seen everything, and felt nothing. When I look at you, it hurts.

Homer Wells: I was wondering if you could give me a ride.
Wally Worthington: Sure. I'd be glad to. A ride where?
Homer Wells: Where you going?
Wally Worthington: We're heading back to Cape Kenneth.
Homer Wells: Cape Kenneth? That sounds fine.

Homer Wells: I've never actually seen a lobster.
Candy Kendall: Are you serious?
Homer Wells: I've never seen the ocean either.
Wally Worthington: You've never seen the ocean? That's not funny, that's serious.

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Daisy Buchanan: Open another window.
Nick Carraway: There aren't any more.
Daisy Buchanan: Then telephone for an axe.

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David: Yeah, where's our lawyer?
Big Bob: Oh, I think we want to keep these proceedings as pleasant as possible.

Jennifer: Hey, can I ask you a question?
David: Sure.
Jennifer: How come I'm still in black and white?
David: What?
Jennifer: I've had, like, ten times as much sex as the rest of these girls, and I still look like this. I mean, they spend, like, an hour in the back seat of some car and all of a sudden they're in Technicolor?
David: I don't know. Maybe it's not just the sex.

Bill Johnson: ...Don't you think?
David: I think you should try not to think about that anymore.

George Parker: You know, your mom went out.
David: Went out?
George Parker: Yeah. She went out for a little while.
David: When?
George Parker: Three days ago.

Jennifer: This place gives me the creeps! Did you know that the books are blank?
David: What?
Jennifer: Yeah, I was in the library and I looked, and they have covers and there's nothing inside of them.
David: What were you doing in a library?
Jennifer: I got lost.

Skip: Hiya, Bud.
David: Hiya, Skip.
Skip: Hiya, Bud.
David: Hiya, Skip.
Skip: Bud, can I ask you a question?
David: Sure.
Skip: Well, if I was to go up to your sister... What I mean is, if I was to go up to Mary Sue.
David: Oh my God... are we in that episode?

David: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire... Cat?

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George Woolf: Pretty small, ain't he?
Red Pollard: He's gonna look a lot smaller in a second, Georgie.

Red Pollard: I'm fine George. I don't need your help and I sure as shit don't need your charity. Leave me alone.

George Woolf: You know, if you did more riding and less talking you might start winning some races.
Red Pollard: I got two bucks says I beat you in this one.
George Woolf: I'm not sure you do but I got five bucks says that you don't.

California Doctor: If he breaks it again, it's possible he could never walk again.
Red Pollard: He just said it's possible. Well, hell, anything's possible. We've proved that already.

Charles Howard: You could be crippled for the rest of your life.
Red Pollard: I was crippled for the rest of my life. I got better. He made me better. Hell, you made me better.

Sam: You sure that leg'll hold you?
Red Pollard: He's a 1200 pound horse, Sam. I'm an afterthought.
Sam: No, I meant your leg.

Reporter: Awful lotta hoopla for such a little horse.
Red Pollard: Though he be but little, he is fierce.
Reporter: What's that?
Red Pollard: That's Shakespeare, boys, Shakespeare.

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