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Travis: So, wait a minute. She gets what she needs, you get what you need, and I get the shaft?
Beck: I could always give her back the gun.
Travis: I really don't like you.
Beck: Yeah well, I get that a lot.

Travis: I'm just saying that whatever my father is paying you, I will double it.
Beck: No.
Travis: I'll quadruple it.
Beck: No.
Travis: I'll double it and quadruple it.
Beck: No.
Travis: You're being unreasonable.

Beck: When I'm a guest in another man's house, I don't reach into his refrigerator without asking permission.

Beck: I need you to make a choice for me.
Travis: What choice?
Beck: Option A or Option B. Option A: we walk out of here nice and easy, we go back to the airstrip, and then we begin our long journey back to Los Angeles. There'll be no bruises, no broken bones, and no problems.
Travis: What's in Los Angeles?
Beck: Your father.
Travis: What's Option B?
Beck: Pretty much the opposite of A. But I wouldn't recommend that one.

Beck: Knapmiller, you have two choices. Option "A," you give me the ring. Option "B," I make you give me the ring.

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Ray: This is not a normal day.

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Jesup: Horses are faster.
Mathayus: But camels are smarter.

Mathayus: I've come for the woman... and your head.

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Will Sawyer: There's one thing you should know first... I'm behind you. (01:25:00)

Will Sawyer: If you can't fix it with duct tape... you ain't using enough duct tape. (00:52:50)

Will Sawyer: I know you're hurtin', brother.
Ben: I'm not your brother.

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John Matthews: I admire you so much. The stand you're taking. You didn't take the easy way out. Not setting up one of your friends. I couldn't do what you did. So it looks like you're the one teaching me what real character and integrity is all about. I love you, son.

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Derek Thompson: You can't handle the Tooth! And that's the Tooth, the whole Tooth and nothing but the Tooth! I pledge allegiance to the Tooth.

Derek Thompson: I'm the Tooth Fairy.
Randy: Thought you said you were a vampire. You got some inconsistent mythology.

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