Quotes from Luke Goss movies and TV shows

Carl 'Luke' Lucas: Time to lose.

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Goldberg: Forget everything you know about racing. Desert-racing isn't about speed, it's about endurance and handling.
Carl Lucas: Hang on, I thought you didn't know shit about this kind of racing?
Goldberg: I don't. It's the first thing that came up on Google.

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Prince Nuada: We die and the world will be poorer for it.

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King Xerxes: Then marry me... And we shall spend an eternity discovering this truth... together.

Queen Esther: What made you come back?
King Xerxes: I saw them, I saw the stars.

King Xerxes: Of all commodities love is the most cheaply purchased.
Queen Esther: If it is for sale, my lord, it is not love.

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