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Alice: We fought the infection. We survived the apocalypse. And now, we face extinction.

Alice: Sorry about this, Stevie.

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Alice: Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella coorporation and one of Albert Wesker's top agents. Now the real question is: Why don't I just cancel your contract right now?

Alice: My name is Alice, and this is my world.

Alice: Congratulations, you're officially a bad ass.

The Red Queen: Project Alice, You're all going to die down here.
Alice: I've heard that before.

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Alicia Marcus: I still own 50% of this company.
Dr. Isaacs: And what do you intend to do with that?
Alicia Marcus: You are co-owner of this corporation, but Wesker... Wesker is still an employee.
Wesker: I don't have to take your orders. My loyalties are with him.
Alicia Marcus: I know. Albert Wesker, you're fired.

Alice: My name is Alice, and this is my story. The end of my story.

Dr. Isaacs: We've played a long game, you and me, but now it's over.
Alice: Yes. Yes, it is.
Dr. Isaacs: I made you.
Alice: Yeah. Big mistake.

Alice: Sometimes I feel like this has been my whole life. Running. Killing.

Wesker: Help me.
Alicia Marcus: You don't need help, Wesker. You're dying. Just get on with it.

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Lilli: I'm gonna keep this forever.
Richard: What's that?
Lilli: My prize. The white bead. I think... It looks nice in my hair. Do you?
Richard: I don't care what you do with it, or how you wear it. You can hang it from you nose for all I care.

Lilli: Mother died six years ago.
Capt. Jacob Hilliard: How do you follow the years?
Richard: She taught us. We count the moons, we know that twelve full moon are one year.
Lilli: We have Christmas and Thanksgiving, and Easter, although we're not exactly sure we celebrate them on the right days.
Capt. Jacob Hilliard: It's utterly amazing, the two of you all these years in this remote, Godforsaken place.
Lilli: Not Godforsaken, Captain Hilliard. Not Godforsaken at all.

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Nadine: I read somewhere once that everything in life happens in threes. And that there are two kinds of people, the ones that think three's the charm and the ones that think in three strikes you're out.

Nadine: She didn't break you heart, she bruised your ego.

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