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Pucci: A massive amount of fornication can lead to confusion.

Pucci: Aha! So we meet Casanova. I find it very hard to believe that THIS is what women want.

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Dr. Stephen Fleming: It takes a remarkably short time to withdraw from the world. I traveled... until I arrived at a life of my own. What really makes us is beyond grasping. It's way beyond knowing. We give in to love... because it gives us some sense of what is unknowable. Nothing else matters, not at the end.

Dr. Stephen Fleming: I want you.
Anna Barton: I know.

Dr. Stephen Fleming: All through dinner, I had one thought, one desire. To touch you. To hold you.

Anna Barton: What would you win by leaving Ingrid?
Dr. Stephen Fleming: You. I'd win you.
Anna Barton: Then you'd win something you already have.

Elizabeth Prideaux: You must understand, this is a wonderful chance for Anna to get a fresh start in life.
Dr. Stephen Fleming: I'm not sure I know what you mean.
Elizabeth Prideaux: Yes you do. I watched you at lunch. You didn't dare to look at her.

Dr. Stephen Fleming: I can't see past you.
Anna Barton: I don't think you've ever seen much of anything.

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Beverly Mantle: Pain creates character distortion, it's simply not necessary.
Claire Niveau: I'm often in a lot of pain.
Beverly Mantle: What kind of pain?
Claire Niveau: I think... psychosexual.

Claire Niveau: You've got a woman's name. Beverly. Why did your mother give you a woman's name?
Beverly Mantle: It's not a woman's name. It's just spelled different.
Claire Niveau: Does your brother have a woman's name too. Meriam spelled with an E and an A?
Beverly Mantle: What are you trying to suggest? That I'm gay or something? That my mother wanted girls? What the fuck is this bullshit psychoanalysis?

Elliot Mantle: Bev, you haven't done anything until I've done it too. You haven't fucked Claire Niveau until you've told me about it.
Beverly Mantle: Then I haven't fucked Claire Niveau.

Elliot Mantle: Why are you crying, Bev?
Beverly Mantle: Separation can be a... terrifying thing.

Elliot Mantle: You could adopt.
Claire Niveau: It wouldn't have been part of my body.
Elliot Mantle: I know what you mean.

Claire Niveau: I've been around a bit. I've seen some creepy things in the movie business. This is the most disgusting thing that's ever happened to me.
Elliot Mantle: I doubt that.

Elliot Mantle: And tomorrow, we'll take some Percodan... just because it's Saturday.

Elliot Mantle: I've often thought that there should be beauty contests for the insides of bodies.

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Profion: Not so talented eh, Mr Ridley.

Profion: Let their blood rain from the sky.

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Eragon: Don't dragons breathe fire?
Brom: She's not old enough to sustain a flame.
Saphira: Lucky for you.

Brom: I hardly think a boy of 15, 16.
Eragon: Seventeen.
Brom: Seventeen, forgive me. But I hardly think a boy of seventeen could handle it.

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