Quotes from Jeremy Irons movies and TV shows

Randall Bragg: I told you you'd never hang me, Cole.
Virgil Cole: Never ain't here yet.

Randall Bragg: Mr. Everett Hitch. You a drinking man, Everett?
Virgil Cole: Not so much.
Randall Bragg: Hard to like a man who doesn't drink a little.
Virgil Cole: But not impossible.

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Dr. Sophia Rikkin: We're not in the business of creating monsters.
Alan Rikkin: We neither created them nor destroyed them. We merely abandoned them to their own inexorable fate.

Alan Rikkin: Mankind seems intent on destroying itself.

Ellen Kaye: We've won. People no longer care about their civil liberties.They care about their standard of life. The modern world has outgrown notions like freedom. They're content to follow.
Alan Rikkin: The threat remains while free will exists. For centuries we've tried, with religion, with politics, and now consumerism, to eliminate dissent. Isn't it time we gave science a try?

Cal Lynch: The machine, what is it?
Dr. Sophia Rikkin: It allows you to see, hear and feel the memories of your ancestor.

Dr. Sophia Rikkin: Cal, you're an Assassin.

Dr. Sophia Rikkin: Cal, if anyone knows or cares, you no longer exist.

Dr. Sophia Rikkin: Are you ready to discover who you really are?

Dr. Sophia Rikkin: You're not a prisoner here, Callum. I'm here to protect you.

Sophia Rikkin: You are about to enter the Animus.

Callum Lynch: What do you want from me?
Sophia Rikkin: Your past.

Dr. Sophia Rikkin: Violence is a disease. Like cancer. And like cancer, we hope to control it one day.
Cal Lynch: Violence is what kept me alive.
Dr. Sophia Rikkin: Well technically, you're dead.

Dr. Sophia Rikkin: Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition.

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Alfred: That's how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men...cruel.

Alfred: You're gonna go to war?
Bruce Wayne: That son of a bitch brought the war to us.

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Pucci: Witchcraft!
Pucci's servant: Actually, sir, it's because hot air rises, counteracting the gravitational forces of... Witchcraft.

Victoria: I was a virgin. My virginity was my most cherished possession. My gift from God. My gift was taken from me.
Pucci: Tragic and most damnable. What was the name of this vile seducer?
Victoria: Giacomo Casanova. When Casanova came to my room and... Robbed me... I fought for my honour
Pucci: Are you saying that you would be willing to give me the testimony that I need to hang him?
Victoria: Yes. But I would be worried about my reputation.
Pucci: Of course. But I think we could say if everything went according to plan we could return your reputation *and* your virginity to you.
Victoria: You could do that?
Pucci: Oh, yes. We are the Catholic Church. We can do anything.

Pucci: Heresy is what *I* say it is.

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