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Snow: It's easy to be a saint when nothing's on the line.

Langral: Who was your backup guy?
Snow: Why do I get the feeling not telling you is the only thing keeping him alive?

Langral: Ah, there you are.
Snow: Oh yeah. I thought I could smell you coming.

Henry Shaw: Snow, what's going on?
Snow: Eh, global warming. Some celebrity's getting a boob job. Congress is screwing the pooch again. You know, same old.

Snow: Ah great, they cut transmission.
Emilie Warnock: Who did?
Snow: ...The little transmission faries. Who do you think?

Emilie Warnock: You're back.
Snow: Yeah. Well, I wasn't busy. We should go.

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The Boy: How do I know you're one of the good guys?
Veteran: You don't. You'll just have to take a shot.

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Eric: What feeling do you have when you wake up in the morning? When your feet touch the floor? Or before that, when you're lying there thinking about your feet hitting the floor. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Eric: You should never stop thinking about a life you've taken. That's the price you pay for taking it.

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Malloy: Take this little problem here on your board. The answer seems pretty plain to me.
Evan Birch: Does it? Well, be my guest. Prove this chair exists.
Malloy: What chair?

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Roy Clayton: Do you think Samir believes it's God's will for him to kill others?
Dierdre Horn: You carry a gun yourself.
Roy Clayton: Now you didn't answer my question.
Dierdre Horn: My son has seen enough death to understand the value of life.

Samir Horn: You know that the Qu'ran says that if you kill an innocent person it's as if you've killed all mankind?
Roy Clayton: It also says that if you save a life its like you've saved all mankind... You're a hero Samir.

Samir Horn: Oh I'm a terrorist?
Roy Clayton: I don't know you tell me, you've been selling them explosives.
Samir Horn: Oh I sell to who can afford to buy it... like the US Government.
Max Archer: Only ours don't kill innocent people.
Samir Horn: Oh yeah they do genius, people just usually have darker skin.

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Aidan McRory: Forgive me. Forgive me.

Aidan McRory: Where did you learn your English?
Naï-Rea: His Excellency asked the Australian priests to open a school here to teach us languages.
Aidan McRory: Well, I'm very impressed. What else did they teach you?
Naï-Rea: To beware of white men.

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