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Deputy Billy Kitka: You know, Beau's not so bad. Why'd you bother writing him up?
Sheriff Eben Oleson: He lives all alone out there on the south ridge. A little citation now and then lets him know he's a part of this town.

Stella Oleson: I should have fought harder, kept Wilson here.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: It's hard to stop someone when their family's at stake. The things you'll do to save your own.
Stella Oleson: We were like that once... weren't we?

Sheriff Eben Oleson: They're burning down the town.
Denise: Nobody will know what happened. They'll just think it was some horrible accident.
Lucy Ikos: Next time they'll take out Point Hope, Wainwright.

The Stranger: Mr. And Mrs. Sheriff. So sweet. So helpless against what is coming.
Stella Oleson: He's just trying to freak us out.
Jake Oleson: It's working.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: We have more important things to think about. I'll check on Gus.
The Stranger: Check on Gus. Board the windows. Try to hide. They're coming. This time they're gonna take me with them... honor me. Yeah. For all that I have done.
Sheriff Eben Oleson: They? Who are they?

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Erica: If I told you, "Don't think about the color red", what would you think about?
Matt: Sex.

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Eversmann: Nobody asks to be a hero, it just sometimes turns out that way.

Eversmann: You know, it's kind of funny. Beautiful beach, beautiful sun. Could almost be a nice place to visit.
Hoot: Almost.

Garrison: Good luck, boys. Be careful. Nobody gets left behind.
Grimes: What's wrong?
Eversmann: Nothing. He's just never done that before.
Grimes: Oh, fuck.

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Jasper: No. Nobody knows you like I do. Alright? Nobody gets you like I do. We belong together. We... I love you. I love you, Sam.

Jasper: The one thing that I want right now is for you to get over your shit, so you can be with her.

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Lindsey: What happened to your nose?
Slevin Kelevra: I was using it to break some guy's fist.

Lindsey: Ironic.
Slevin Kelevra: I know, I don't even gamble.
Lindsey: No, I mean the mobster having a gay son. That's ironic.

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Isabelle Sorenson: You can kiss my self esteem butt, Donald Duck. Why tell your life story, and tell only the good parts?
Donald Morton: It's Donald Morton.
Isabelle Sorenson: You're missing my point.
Donald Morton: No I'm not! I just - never know what to say.

Isabelle Sorenson: Be my friend Donald, be my best friend, please, because I really need you. I always felt like you wanted us to get married or something.
Donald Morton: I never said that.
Isabelle Sorenson: Not with words. But instead of that, do you want to just be my friend?
Donald Morton: Without the sex?
Isabelle Sorenson: Without the pressure. My friendship is all I have to give. Do you want it?

Donald Morton: Oh - All my life I felt like I was on the sidelines. Uh, watching the parade go by. When you're a whale, you are the parade.

Donald Morton: Turns out you can't control people.
Donald Morton: Or even predict them.
Donald Morton: Numbers are different.
Donald Morton: As I used to say, you can count on them.

Donald Morton: Excuse me. Do you know when the next bus, uh 217, runs?
Man at bus stop: Sorry.
Donald Morton: I'm chasing someone.
Man at bus stop: By bus?
Donald Morton: Well, it's important.
Man at bus stop: Important enough to take the bus?
Donald Morton: Yeah. My girlfriend left me because I wanted to get married and she wanted to stay just friends.
Man at bus stop: Ah. The slower this chase, the better.
Donald Morton: Yeah.

Gregory: Can I give you some advice?
Donald Morton: Can I humanly stop you?
Gregory: Stick with the group. Compared to us, you're a god. And, uh, next to Isabelle, which you will never be again, you don't come off so hot.

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Erik Kernan Jr.: The Jermaine story I covered. It was a good fight.
Ralph Metz: Yeah, I buried it.
Erik Kernan Jr.: But why?
Ralph Metz: Something's gotta be buried.
Erik Kernan Jr.: That's what high school wrestling's for, right?

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Trip Fontaine: You're a stone fox.

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