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Tobin Frost: "You've done a fine job, son. We'll take it from here." That's when you know you're screwed.

Tobin Frost: Remember rule number one: you are responsible for your house guest. I'm your house guest.

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Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard: You will go to prison.
Agent Frank Haddad: You know what happens to women in prison?
Elise Kraft: Mmmmm... yummm.

Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard: "London. Paris. Athens. Rome. Belfast. Beruit. We're not the first city to have to deal with terrorism. Tel Aviv. The day after they bombed the market in Tel Aviv the market was open and it was full. This is New York City. We can take it."

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Frank: This ain't training. In training they just give you an F. Out here you get killed.

Frank: There's a good chance the derailer won't work.
Will: It's called a derailer, for Christ's sake! That's what they do!
Frank: A train that size going that fast, it will vaporize anything that gets in its way.

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Lt. Parker Barnes: Reach in the back seat and hand me that crowd-pleaser.

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