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Andy McNab: Every soldier hopes for a major war in his lifetime. This one was mine.

Dinger: Why did you join the Army?
Andy McNab: To keep out of trouble.
Dinger: So your thought if you joined up they'd be no more trouble?
Andy McNab: Best thing I ever did. Never been in trouble since.
Dinger: What the bloody hell do you call this?

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Ewan: I love my country. I'd kill for it and I'd die for it.
Charlotte: Good for you.

Charlotte: You're out of your mind.
Ewan: It's in my nature.

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Markus Kane: Joey. Joey. The box, with its implications of rigidity and squareness, symbolizes unimaginative thinking and painful frustration.

Markus Kane: You kill me, I kill you.

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Partridge: You always knew… But I being poor, I’ve only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams. I assume you dream, Preston?

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John Preston: I'll do what I can to see they go easy on you.
Partridge: We both know they never "go easy."
John Preston: Then, I'm sorry.
Partridge: No, you're not. You don't even know the meaning. Its just a vestigial word for a feeling you've never felt.

John Preston: Why didn't you just leave it for the evidentiary team to collect and log?
Partridge: They miss things sometimes. I thought I'd take it down myself. Get it done properly.

Partridge: How long, Preston... 'till all this is gone? 'Till we've burned every last bit of it?
John Preston: Resources are tight. We'll get it all eventually.

John Preston: Every time we come from the nethers to the city, it reminds me why we do what we do.
Partridge: It does?
John Preston: I beg your pardon?
[Partridge injects his Prozium.]
Partridge: It does.

Partridge: Don't you see, Preston? It's gone. Everything that makes us what we are, traded away.
John Preston: There's no war. No murder.
Partridge: What is it you think we do?
John Preston: No. You've been with me. You've seen how it can be, the jealousy. Rage.
Partridge: A heavy cost. I pay it gladly.

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Tadgh McCabe: What age was I when Seami died?
"Bull" McCabe: That's a queer question. I... I don't know.
Tadgh McCabe: What age was Seami?
"Bull" McCabe: Thirteen years, six months, twenty-four days.

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Sean Miller: How's the family, Ryan? Nearly lost 'em, didn't you? It's easy to get at them. You should look after your family better, you know? Are you there?
Jack Ryan: Yeah.
Sean Miller: I understand your little girl's feeling better, eh? Lost her spleen though, eh? Pity, that. Make it a mighty tough on her to fight off infection, eh Jacky?
Jack Ryan: You sick son of a bitch.

Sean Miller: I saw his wife and daughter die, but she and Neddy blew it. Ryan's still alive.
Kevin O'Donnell: They're not dead, Sean.
Sean Miller: What?
Kevin O'Donnell: They survived it. I can't say it any plainer than that. It doesn't matter. Your trip served its purpose.
Sean Miller: It does matter.

Kevin O'Donnell: But what Ryan done can't be undone. So you should stop thinking about it.
Sean Miller: I can't.

Sean Miller: Let's do it.

Kevin O'Donnell: There's lying about and lying low. There's a difference.
Sean Miller: Is there?

Sean Miller: This won't be like anything you've ever done before, little brother.

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[Upon hearing horses, Achilles throws a spear directly into a tree beside Odysseus, as he rides in.]
Odysseus: Your reputation for hospitality is fast becoming legend.

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