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Kale: Fiji?
Sinbad: Think of the beaches.
Kale: Beautiful - if you like mosquitoes.
Sinbad: Think of the sun.
Kale: It's monsoon season.
Sinbad: The women, then.
Kale: They're cannibals there.
Sinbad: Exactly.

Sinbad: What is it?
Rat: It just ends, captain. It's the edge of the world.
Jin: Pay up. It's flat.

Sinbad: Pray to the gods. We may be meeting them soon.

Proteus: Do you have a plan?
Sinbad: Uh... how about try not to get killed?

Marina: Are you sure you.
Sinbad: Yes, we have done this kind of thing before, no, there is no other way, and yes, you do have my permission to stand there quietly and receive a free lesson in sailing. Besides, a ship is no place for a woman.

Proteus: It's my responsibility to bring the Book of Peace safely to Syracuse.
Sinbad: See, now I just feel bad, 'cause you're gonna get fired.

Sinbad: And you are?
Eris: Eris, the goddess of discord. You may have seen my likeness on the temple walls.
Sinbad: You know, they don't do you justice.

Kale: What happened down there?
Sinbad: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Kale: Try me.
Sinbad: Okay, here goes. So I meet Eris, the goddess of discord? She's got a major crush on me, and she invited me back to her place.

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Tom Bishop: Happy?
Nathan Muir: Seventy-four casualties, an apartment block leveled, one dead terrorist? Yeah, happy.
Tom Bishop: We have some fucked up barometer for success, don't we?

Tom Bishop: Vodka did me in, I'm comin' home.
Nathan Muir: Throw out the bottle. They know.

Tom Bishop: Fuck your rules, Nathan.
Nathan Muir: Okay, but tonight they saved your life.

Tom Bishop: She's just someone I used to get to the camp.
Nathan Muir: She gonna be of any more use to us?
Tom Bishop: Not to us.

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Mr. O'Brien: You are not to call me "Dad." You will only call me "Father."
Young Jack: But.
Mr. O'Brien: Don't interrupt.
Young Jack: But you do.
Mr. O'Brien: Don't interrupt.
Young Jack: It's your house. You can kick me out whenever you want to. You'd like to kill me wouldn't you.

Mr. O'Brien: Your mother's naive. It takes fierce will to get ahead in this world. If you're good, people take advantage of you.

Mr. O'Brien: You can't say I can't. You say: I'm having trouble, I'm not done yet.

Mr. O'Brien: Toscanini once recorded a piece sixty five times. You know what he said when he finished?"It could be better." Think about it.

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Hector: You speak of war as if it's a game. But how many wives wait at Troy's gates for husbands they'll never see again?
Achilles: Perhaps your brother can comfort them. I hear he's good at charming other men's wives.

Achilles: Before my time is over, I will look down upon your corpse and smile.

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Gen. Glen McMahon: God damn it, Pete. Why are you fat?

President Karzai: Your predecessor, General Whelan! I liked him! I'm not entirely certain he liked me; he didn't visit very often. Why was he dismissed? It seems - uhh, one minute he was here - uh, next minute, not here.
Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah. Well, Mr. President, I think our government simply felt it was time our effort took a new direction.
President Karzai: And uh, what is this new direction?
Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah! It's most important to me that we build Afghanistan. Together, we build Afghanistan into a free and prosperous nation, free from fear and conflict.
President Karzai: I see.
Gen. Glen McMahon: Yeah.
President Karzai: I see. Sounds a lot like the old direction.

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