Quotes from Heather Sossaman movies and TV shows

Blaire Lily: Please, Laura we are not bad people... we are good people.
Laura: Really? Are you sure about that?

Val Rommel: Hi billie, listen sweetheart you're a fucking asshole if you don't take these down right now, i'll come over there and knock the trash out of your ears.
Laura: Sounds great, But you wouldn't like it here.
Val Rommel: Who the fuck is this guy?

Laura: This is gonna be fun.

Laura: Never Have I Ever... spread the rumor that Blaire has an eating disorder.
Jess Felton: That was me.

Laura: Never Have I Ever... got Adam arrested for selling weed.
Mitch Roussel: That was me.
Adam Sewell: What? They put me in handcuffs.

Val Rommel: Hey billie, why don't you give me your address so I can come over there and knock the trash out of your mouth.
Ken Smith: Oooh fight.
Laura: You wouldn't like it here.

Laura: Let's play a game.

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