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Einar Gilkyson: There's nothing more pathetic than a guy chasing a woman that doesn't want him.

Einar Gilkyson: Did I ask you to do that?
Griff Gilkyson: Don't bears like honey? Winnie the Pooh does.

Griff Gilkyson: Are those my dad's things?
Einar Gilkyson: Yeah, they are.
Griff Gilkyson: Where does he live now?
Einar Gilkyson: He's dead. Didn't your mother tell you that?
Griff Gilkyson: Yeah, but she said you were dead too.

Nina: I wonder if it's hard being that drunk this early.
Einar Gilkyson: Oh, it's easy if you don't stop drinking all night.

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Bill Bryson: Writers don't retire. We either drink ourselves to death or blow our brains out.
TV Host: What will it be for you?
Bill Bryson: After this interview, probably both.

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