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Mimi Lurie: The struggle doesn't end just because you got tired of it.
Nick Sloan: I didn't get tired of it. I grew up.
Mimi Lurie: Well, we promised each other we weren't going to do that.
Nick Sloan: Yeah, but it happened.

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Jay Gatsby: How do you do, old sport? I'm Gatsby.

Nick Carraway: They say you killed a man.
Jay Gatsby: Only one?

Jay Gatsby: Klipspringer has been here since a party I threw in April. I didn't even realise he was here until two weeks ago.

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Jack Weil: Fidel Castro was on the Jack Parr Show. So anything can happen.

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Tom Booker: Is she going to be long?
Grace: Probably, she's on the phone 23 hours a day.
Tom Booker: What does she do?
Grace: She's an editor.
Tom Booker: An editor? Ah.
Grace: Just in case she hasn't told you, which she probably hasn't, I don't want to be a part of this. Okay?

Annie: I haven't ridden Western before.
Tom Booker: Yeah, but he doesn't know that. Just sit on the horse.

Annie: I've never been on a cow farm before. It seems to me that the bulls have the best time. Just lying around the fields waiting for someone to come along and ask them to do their work.
Tom Booker: You get born a bull you have a 90% chance of being castrated. Served up as hamburger. So on balance, I reckon I'd choose bein' a cow.

Grace: Are you afraid of anything, Tom Booker?
Tom Booker: Of growing old. Being of no use.

Annie: I had a hard time finding the place. There are no signs.
Tom Booker: Oh, there are plenty of signs. Just not many of them printed.

Tom Booker: I didn't know that it was right to love her. I just loved her.

Annie: I've heard you help people with horse problems.
Tom Booker: Truth is, I help horses with people problems.

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Wade Lewis: For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against powers of this world. But... but don't worry, here we meet, in this castle of lost souls. In the land of the black Swan, the Prince of Darkness. Welcome little captive, to the waterfall of sweet dreams. Malora says it washes all our cares away, but I... I need stronger stuff.

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Bear Claw Chris Lapp: You know how to skin griz?
Jeremiah Johnson: I can skin most anything.
Bear Claw Chris Lapp: You sure are cocky, for a starvin' pilgrim.

Jeremiah Johnson: Where you headed?
Del Gue: Same place you are, Jeremiah: hell, in the end.

Del Gue: Ain't that Hatchet Jack's rifle?
Jeremiah Johnson: Yep. Found him froze to a tree.
Del Gue: Damn! He was a wild one, old Hatchet Jack. He was livin' two year in a cave up on the Musselshell with a female panther. She never did get used to him.

Del Gue: Which way you headed, Jeremiah?
Jeremiah Johnson: Canada, maybe. I hear there is land there a man has never seen.
Del Gue: Well, keep your nose in the wind, and your eyes along the skyline.
Jeremiah Johnson: I will do that, Del Gue.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Watch your top knot.
Jeremiah Johnson: Yep, watch your'n.

Jeremiah Johnson: Ain't that hair I see on your head?
Del Gue: It sure is. I decided that when I depart from this life I'd like to leave something. At least to be remembered on some man's lodge pole.
Jeremiah Johnson: Sound wisdom.

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Laura J. Kelly: Don't lose him.
Tom Logan: I'm not going to lose him. Where is he?

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