Lee J. Cobb

Quotes from Lee J. Cobb movies and TV shows

Mr. Cramden: Flint, the world's in trouble.
Derek Flint: Well, it usually is, but it manages to extricate itself without my help.

Cramden: Flint?
Naval Officer: It can't be.
Cramden: Of course it can, that's why he's Flint.

Derek Flint: I don't need any men.
Cramden: You said you were joining the team.
Derek Flint: But the team's not joining me.

Cramden: You traveled all the way to Moscow to watch a ballet?
Derek Flint: No, to teach.

Cramden: Flint, the government needs you.
Derek Flint: Yes, well, it's good to be wanted, sir.

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