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Kurt Sloane: Watch your wallet.
Eric Sloane: She doesn't want my wallet. She wants to make it with the champ.

Xian Chow: And now, you drive me in Pedicab.
Kurt Sloane: Pedicab?

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Tommy Hendricks: You're the king of knock offs.
Marcus Ray: I was. But you're still a fake.

Marcus Ray: It still doesn't prove his a knock off artist.
Karen Lee: Why are you defending the gangster? Looks like he's screwing us.
Tommy Hendricks: Oh no, with Eddie it's more like date rape.

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Joshua: The whole bet is on Atilla.
Lyon: Wrong bet.

Joshua: The guy's wearing a damn skirt.
Lyon: He's from Scotland.
Joshua: Scotland? Scotland's shit. Kick his Scotland ass. Pull off his damn skirt, I'd like to see if he's got any drawers on.

Lyon: Sometimes life is... is... ugly. And stupid. And mean.

Lyon: Cynthia, I'm not your toy.

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Alain Moreau: This is not your lucky day. Tell your boss to leave me the fuck alone.

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Country Store Clerk: What you doin' out this way?
Sam Gillen: Hunting.
Country Store Clerk: In a suit?.. What kinda huntin'?
Sam Gillen: Pink flamingos.

Clydie: Where are you from?
Sam Gillen: Quebec.
Clydie: What do you do there?
Sam Gillen: What difference does it make?
Clydie: It's an innocent question.
Sam Gillen: I'm a lawyer.
Clydie: Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Sam Gillen: Law school.

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Cyrus: Apparently, stubbornness is an ingrained family trait.
Rudy Cafmeyer: It beats a messiah complex any day.

Dalia: Do you know how much trouble I'm in because of you? Do you know?
Rudy Cafmeyer: Let's have a coffee and talk about it.

Rudy Cafmeyer: Shalom.

Rudy Cafmeyer: You read the wrong book, pal.

Dalia: Will that be business or pleasure?
Rudy Cafmeyer: Pleasure, always.

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Riggi: Hey, clown boy! Get off my street.
Christopher Dubois: Wait a minute.
Riggi: Hey, Dubois, what are you sick in the head or something? Please, grow up, go get yourself some new and nice clothes and come to work for me.
Christopher Dubois: I don't work for nobody.
Riggi: It's too bad, Dubois, it's too bad, you're a wasted talent, but nuts case, you know that. Suit yourself.

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Bison: You have made me a very happy man.
Colonel Guile: And next, I'll make you a dead one.

Capt. Sawada: A single boat against everything he's got? The pilot would have to be out of his mind.
Colonel Guile: Luckily, Bison has driven me crazy... so I'm going to do it.

Victor Sagat: This isn't over, Guile. I own this city.
Colonel Guile: Well, I'm the repo man, and you're out of business.

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