Claire Forlani

Quotes from Claire Forlani movies and TV shows

Benny Dalmau: What would you do if I kissed ya?
Gina Cardinale: You're out of your mind Benny. You should take more drugs.

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Matt Buckner: Was that a terrorist attack? What happened here?
Shannon Dunham: Welcome to match-day madness. Tottenham was in town last night.

Shannon Dunham: Once he finds out his golden boy got kicked out of Harvard, he'll dive headfirst into an empty swimming pool.

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Brandi: Suitor #2.
Gil Hicks: Hey, what about me?
Brodie: Aw Gil, just shut the fuck up.

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Susan Parrish: So tell me Joe... How come a man as attractive, intelligent, well-spoken... diffident in the most seductive way, and yet... powerful... is all alone in this world?

Young Man in Coffee Shop: You know I was thinking, I don't want you to be my doctor. I don't want you to examine me.
Susan Parrish: Why?
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Because I like you so much.
Susan Parrish: And I - I don't want to examine you.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: You don't? Why not?
Susan Parrish: Because I like you so much.

Susan Parrish: Do you love making love to me?
Joe Black: Yes.
Susan Parrish: More than peanut butter?
Joe Black: Yes. Much more.

Susan Parrish: What will we do now?
Joe Black: It will come to us.

Susan Parrish: Love, passion, obsession, all those things you told me to wait for, well, they've arrived. What are you afraid of, Dad? That I'll fall head over heels for Joe? Well, I have.

Young Man in Coffee Shop: If you and I were married, I would want to give you what you need, that's all. I'm talking about taking care of each other as best you can. What's wrong with taking care of a woman? She takes care of you.
Susan Parrish: Well you'll have a hard time finding a woman like that these days.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Shoot, you think so?
Susan Parrish: Mm-hmm.
Young Man in Coffee Shop: I don't know. Lightning could strike.

Susan Parrish: Tell me you love me now.
Joe Black: I love you now. I love you always.

Susan Parrish: So you're a one-girl guy?
Young Man in Coffee Shop: Yes, I am. That's right. Looking for her right now actually. Who knows, you might be her.

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