Timothy Olyphant

Quotes from Timothy Olyphant movies and TV shows

Fritz: I owe you an apology.
Gray: Just one?
Fritz: For ruining the funeral.
Gray: Yeah, if it hadn't been for you, that would've been one great day.

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David Dutton: Don't ask me why I can't leave without my wife and I won't ask you why you can.

Russell Clank: Is he dead?
David Dutton: Well if he is, he won't mind waiting.

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George Hearst: I'm coming for you, Marshal.
Seth Bullock: I expect you will, Senator.

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Kelly: Sometimes in life if you wanna do something good, you gotta do something bad.
Matthew: Yeah, but this is breaking and entering.
Kelly: This is politics.

Kelly: Ah, it's cool. I like runnin' errands.

Kelly: Ok people, let's make some fuckie Fuckie.

Kelly: Friends don't fuck with each other's business.

Kelly: Hey, you guys know Matty? I hung with him last night. Guy's the tits.

Kelly: Those crazy little fuckers man, they sure know their numbers.

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Agent 47: The man you've been chasing is a killer. A Ghost. Rumor has it that he works for a group known only as "The Organization." So secret, no-one knows it exists. Takes no sides - yet it has ties to every government. Its sole purpose is the training and conditioning of professional killers. These men are selected at birth - rejects, orphans - all of them - unwanted and disposable. They are made experts in every aspect of combat. And programmed for one purpose... To Kill.

Nika Boronina: So are you going to kill me?
Agent 47: No.
Nika Boronina: You don't want to fck me and you don't want to kill me. I've never felt so much indifference in my entire life.

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Henri: We don't love like the humans. With us it's forever. You will never forget.

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Thomas Gabriel: [Probing a gunshot wound in McClane's shoulder with his gun.] On your tombstone, it should say "Always at the wrong place at the wrong time."
John McClane: How about... [grunts.] Yippee-ki-yay... Motherfucker! [Grabs the gun and fires it through himself and into Gabriel.].

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