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Nicole Walker: Isn't this the car they stopped making 'cause it, I don't know, blows up or something?
David McCall: Guess that's why I got her.

David McCall: Hey Mr. Walka.

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Neville Baraka: What about your family?
Jim Bennett: I got all I could get.
Neville Baraka: Can I get the money from them? If I send you to Mexico, you know, 'Oh my God! I don't know what happened to him!' Get my friend Valario to mail 'em your dick.
Jim Bennett: My family don't make the money because they pay up easily.
Neville Baraka: Apparently that's genetic.

Roberta: I've said goodbye before to people I love.
Jim Bennett: Yeah, whatever did happen to Dad?

Jim Bennett: You're born as a man with the nerves of a soldier, the apprehension of an angel.

Jim Bennett: I could stand here, stark naked, and I could yell AS loud AS I want, and nobody would care.

Jim Bennett: I'll do the best I can. You can go knowing that, okay?
Ed: You're me now... if you'll have it.

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Elliot Moore: Can this really be happening?

Elliot Moore: The event must've ended before we went out today.

Mrs. Jones: Planning on stealing something?
Elliot Moore: No, ma'am, we're not.
Mrs. Jones: Plan on murdering me in my sleep?
Elliot Moore: What? No.

Train Conductor: The train service has been discountinued. This will be the last stop for all passengers.
Elliot Moore: Hey, what do you mean? Where are we?
Train Conductor: Filbert, Pennsylvania.
Elliot Moore: Filbert? Does anybody know where that is? Why are you giving me one useless piece of information at a time? What's going on? Hey, why would you just stop? You can't just leave us here.
Train Conductor: Sir, we lost contact.
Elliot Moore: With whom?
Train Conductor: Everyone.

Jared: Got kids?
Elliot Moore: No.
Jared: How come? You got... a problem?
Elliot Moore: No. She wanted to wait.
Jared: Really? For what?
Elliot Moore: For me to grow up. Why are we talking about this?

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Vince Papale: Excuse me my name's spelled wrong.
Locker Room Ganitor: Nothin personal but by the time I'm through with this is it really gonna matter.

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Matt 'Axe' Axelson: Are Mikey and Danny really dead?
Marcus Luttrell: I don't know.
Matt 'Axe' Axelson: Are we dead?
Marcus Luttrell: Not yet.
Matt 'Axe' Axelson: We're good right?
Marcus Luttrell: Fuck yeah. We're solid.

Marcus Luttrell: If I don't go home, you don't go home.

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Max Payne: There's an army of bodies under this river, people who ran out of time, out of friends. I could feel the dead down there, reaching up to welcome me as one of their own. It was an easy mistake to make.

Mona Sax: You don't want to make it out alive. You think that if he puts you out of your misery, that you will be with them again?
Max Payne: Yeah. I hope that's how it works.

Bum: Are you a cop?
Max Payne: Not tonight.

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John: This... is such shit. This is the worst fucking shit of all the fucked-up shit we've ever seen. This is the shittiest most fucked-up shit...
James Silva: I got it, okay? Relax. Calm down. Go take a little nap.
John: Fuck you.

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Terry Hoitz: I'm like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!

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