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John Wick: Whoever comes, I'll kill them. I'll kill them all.
Winston: Of course you will.

Julius: I fail to recall the last time you were in Rome. And here I had heard you had returned.
John Wick: I have.
Julius: Then humor me with but one question. Are you here for the pope?
John Wick: No.

Sommelier: Good afternoon, Mr. Wick. It's been a long time.
John Wick: I'd like a tasting.
Sommelier: I know your past fondness for the German varietals but I can wholeheartedly endorse the new breed of Austrians, Glock 34 and 26. What's next?
John Wick: I need something robust, precise.
Sommelier: Robust, precise. AR-15.
John Wick: Could you recommend anything for the end of the night? Something big, bold.
Sommelier: May I suggest the Benelli M4? An Italian classic.
John Wick: Dessert.
Sommelier: Dessert? The finest cutlery. Shall I have everything sent to your room?
John Wick: Yes, thank you. Excellent.
Sommelier: Mr. Wick, do enjoy your party.

The Bowery King: He's offered seven million dollars for your life. Seven million dollars is a lot of money, Mr. Wick.
John Wick: So I guess you have a choice. Do you want a war? Or do you want to just give me a gun?

John Wick: You wanted me back... I'm back.

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The Bowery King: As I live and breathe! John Wick... The man. The myth. The legend. You're not very good at retiring.
John Wick: I'm working on it.

Cassian: You working?
John Wick: Yeah... You?
Cassian: Yeah... Good night?
John Wick: Afraid so.
Cassian: I'm sorry to hear that.

Cassian: I'll make it quick. I promise.
John Wick: Thanks. I appreciate that. I'll try and do the same.

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Sofia: He shot my dog!
John Wick: I get it.

Winston: I know you will do The Continental proud.
Charon: I'll see you soon, sir.
Winston: And you, Jonathan, do what you do best.
John Wick: What's that?
Winston: Hunt.

Bowery King: Are you pissed off, too, John?
John Wick: Yeah.

Winston: This haven is safe no more.
John Wick: Are services still off limit to me?
Winston: Under the circumstances your privileges are reinstated immediately, what do you need?
John Wick: Guns. Lots of guns.

Zero: That was a pretty good fight, huh?
John Wick: Yeah.
Zero: Don't worry about me, John. I just need a minute. I'll catch up to you.
John Wick: No, you won't.

John Wick: I have served. I will be of service.

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Spider: Get on the table.
Johnny Mnemonic: Why?
Spider: Don't be a bigger asshole than you have to, get on the table.

Johnny Mnemonic: I can carry nearly eighty gigs of data in my head.

Johnny Mnemonic: No dice?
Spider: No. But I can get it out.
Johnny Mnemonic: How?
Spider: A general anesthetic, a cranial drill and a pair of forceps.
Johnny Mnemonic: I could die, right?
Spider: It's gonna kill you anyway.If I take it out, you'll probably survive but lose some fine motor skills.You might not remember anything for more than three minutes.

Johnny Mnemonic: Double cheese, anchovies?

Johnny Mnemonic: "Johnny Boy", my ass. What's the fuckin' score here?

Spider: Who the fuck are you anyway?
Johnny Mnemonic: Johnny.
Spider: Johnny who?
Johnny Mnemonic: Just... Johnny?

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