Eric Idle

Quotes from Eric Idle movies and TV shows

Berthold: Is there a doctor in the fish?

Baron Munchausen: Berthold, come on.
Berthold: Let go of me.
Baron Munchausen: You're coming with us.
Berthold: No chance.
Baron Munchausen: Why not?
Berthold: I can't remember.
Baron Munchausen: You're not frightened, are you?
Berthold: That's it.

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Brian Hope: Look Charlie, some con men sell life insurance. The church sells afterlife insurance. It's brilliant! Everyone thinks you might need it, and no-one can prove you don't.
Charlie McManus: The church isn't selling anything, Brian.
Brian Hope: Oh! Well, if the church isn't selling anything how did it get to be so rich? Just remember, wherever there's a deep human need there's money to be made.
Charlie McManus: You think so?
Brian Hope: Of course, look at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Reporter: Do you feel better after seeing the Queen?
Ron Nasty: No, you feel better after seeing the doctor.
Dirk McQuickly: Not my doctor you don't.
Ron Nasty: No, not your doctor.

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Rat: I say! Badger.

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