Quotes from Joe Don Baker movies and TV shows

Olaf Andersen: Now the question is, can we get the shit back into the horse?

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Brad Whitaker: How do you like my personal pantheon of great commanders?
Leonid Pushkin: Butchers.
Brad Whitaker: Surgeons. They cut away society's dead flesh.

Brad Whitaker: Necros can do it.
Necros: I've worked with the Russians. My appearance and methods are well known to them. It could jeopardize my comrades struggling for world revolution who depend upon me.

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Mitchell: She'll lie in my bed for nothin'.

Mitchell: Piss off, kid.

Mitchell: Hey, did you ever do any of that, you know, obscene photographs and all that?
Greta: Mmm hmm. When I needed the bread.
Mitchell: Where can I buy some?

Mitchell: Sorry, beer's got a little excited.

Mitchell: I've got beer and... vodka.

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