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Sonic: That's Longclaw. She took care of me. She was basically Obi-Wan Kenobi... if Obi-Wan Kenobi had a beak and ate mice. (00:02:02)

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Tom Wachowski: Hey. So, what's this next planet you're supposed to go to like?
Sonic: It's no Earth, I can tell you that. There's no people, just breathable air and giant mushrooms and stuff.
Tom Wachowski: Well, look at it this way. At least you won't be the only "fun-guy."
Sonic: No. Don't ever do that again!

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Crazy Carl: I know you're out there! And I know you're real!
Sonic: No, I'm not!

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Tom: Sonic, I love that you want to help make a difference. But you're being reckless. Pretending to be Batman?
Sonic: Blue Justice! Trademark pending.
Tom: You're still just a kid. Trust me, there will come a moment when your power will be needed. But you don't choose that moment, that moment chooses you.

Sonic: Today's forecast calls for a 100% chance of adventure.

Sonic: I'm sorry, who are you?
Tails: Name's Tails.
Sonic: OK... this is what we're gonna do: Step one: Light taunting. Step two: I have no idea.

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