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Lee Christmas: Are you crazy? You could've killed me!
Barney Ross: You're welcome!

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Jack Carter: You should finish what you start.
Cyrus Paice: Yeah, shit I think you should fix your tie there.

Doreen Carter: You are so freaky.
Jack Carter: Well, we're all a little freaky, Doreen. It's those straight ones you've got to worry about.

Doreen Carter: You ever shoot anybody?
Jack Carter: You want to know what I do for a living? It's simple. People make promises and they break them. My job's to refresh their memories. That's about it. No big deal.

Cliff Brumby: Getting yourself killed won't bring Richie back. Revenge doesn't work.
Jack Carter: Sure it does.

Jack Carter: You drink coffee?
Doreen Carter: Yeah... I smoke too.
Jack Carter: I don't know if that's worth bragging about, do you?
Doreen Carter: Oh? You smoke.
Jack Carter: Well I did, but I just recently quit.
Doreen Carter: Oh, yeah? When?
Jack Carter: Oh, I'd say about... now. So if you don't mind...?

Doreen Carter: So what do you do like for work?
Jack Carter: What did your Father tell you?
Doreen Carter: He didn't.
Jack Carter: That's good.
Doreen Carter: Mom said you were a gambler.
Jack Carter: Isn't that illegal?
Doreen Carter: Are you a bookie?
Jack Carter: Bookie? No, more like... like a financial adjuster.

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Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Listen, uh, your thing. Turn it down.
Lightning: Oh, the hearing aid. Goddamn thing drives me crazy, feels like R2-freaking-D2.

Lightning: You got an iPad?
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Nah, I got a regular couch.

Lightning: Not only did you put Sally at risk, if he finds out he can hit you on the right he can kill you.
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Then I go to my left. I need to do this, Light.
Lightning: Look, I know you're doing this for my sake. And I appreciate it, believe me. It's too dangerous. We gotta call off the fight.

Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: Hey, you made me wait 30 years to prove to the world I could kick your ass! And that's what I'm going to do, kick your ass.
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: You gotta move on.
Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: What, move on?
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Move on.
Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: Now that you got her, you want me to move on? And what do I got? Nothing, nothing.

Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Look at us.
Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen: Yeah, look at us! We're not dead! Everyone's laughing at us! The whole world's laughing at us! But we're not dead! In fact, I feel more alive now than I ever felt.

Dante Slate, Jr.: You don't know what a video game is? Exactly when did they unfreeze you, Captain America?
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Captain America? You know, I could take you down a peg or two... but it looks like someone beat me to it.

Dante Slate, Jr.: I got a copy that wants an official rematch, they'll pay you a hundred grand.
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: Well, I can't be in the same room as that guy. It's not worth it.
Dante Slate, Jr.: The hell you mean, it ain't worth it? I'm looking at your house.

Lightning: You doing real good, you big pussy.
Henry 'Razor' Sharp: That's not helping.
Lightning: It's okay, I'm eight hundred years old, I say what I want.

Henry 'Razor' Sharp: I'm ready.
Lightning: Yeah. You're the one-eyed monster.

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Brisco: Judge Dredd, take cover.
Judge Dredd: They're firing 20 milimetre caseless flechette rounds at 300 metres. The effective lethal range is 200 metres. You're safe... so what are you doing down there, Judge Hershey?
Judge Hershey: Waiting for backup.
Judge Dredd: It's here.

Rico: Why did you judge me? Why did you judge me?
Judge Dredd: You killed innocent people.
Rico: A means to an end.
Judge Dredd: You started a massacre.
Rico: I caused a revolution.
Judge Dredd: You betrayed THE LAW.
Rico: Lawwwww.

Judge Dredd: You let me judge my own brother? You never told me sir.

Judge Dredd: It's a lie! The evidence has been falsified! It's impossible! I never broke the law, I AM THE LAW.

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