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Aurora Greenway: Don't worship me until I've earned it.

Dr. Maise: We do more and more on an outpatient basis. We shouldn't need to take her back, unless the illness escalates.
Aurora Greenway: But you're not telling me anything.
Dr. Maise: What are you confused about?
Aurora Greenway: How is she?
Dr. Maise: I tell people to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
Aurora Greenway: And they let you get away with that?

Aurora Greenway: It's past ten. My daughter is in pain. I don't understand why she has to have this pain. All she has to do is hold out until ten, and IT'S past ten! My daughter is in pain, can't you understand that! give MY daughter THE shot.

Garrett Breedlove: I like the lights on.
Aurora Greenway: Then go home and turn them on.

Aurora Greenway: If I don't answer the bell, that means the back door's open.
Garrett Breedlove: The back door's open?

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Kate Westbourne: You know, sometimes you don't even act like you're my son, Wesley.
Wesley Westbourne: Sometimes you don't even act like you're my mother.
Kate Westbourne: Oh, come on, I've given you everything a child could want. Toys, love, publicity.

Wesley Westbourne: Why are we so horrible to each other?
Kate Westbourne: Well, that's easy. We have an S&M relationship. Son and Mother.

Kate Westbourne: I know a friend who lipoed her stomach once. A few months later, she looked like Jabba the Hutt.
Miriam: Who's Jabba the Hutt?
Addie Holden: It's a sea slug, Mummy, from outer space and it's not a complimant.

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Jennifer Rogers: I've never been to a home-made funeral before.
Capt. Wiles: I have... it's my third. All in one day.

Jennifer Rogers: It's too late to say prayers. Besides, wherever he's going, he's there now. Bye, Harry. I forgive you.

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Hogan: Did I or did I not hear you call me a bastard?
Sara: Well! I suppose whiskey can make a man hear anything. Oh, Dear Lord, forgive him for the impurity of his thoughts.

Hogan: They split up, damn it, and they're catchin' up. I wouldn't just sit there, move.
Sara: We can't outrun 'em. You can get in here.
Hogan: I may not shoot all of them but I'll get their attention. Wait, then head on out the other way.
Sara: You've been a wonderful friend, Mr Hogan. Go with God.
Hogan: Leave Him out of this, huh? Get movin'.

Hogan: Sister! This here is a cathouse.
Sara: Oh no, Hogan. This is no cathouse. This is the best whorehouse in town.

Sara: Hello, Mr Hogan.
Hogan: How do, Sister?
Sara: Glad to see you're back safe.
Hogan: Waiting for the dynamite?
Sara: And you.
Hogan: What, me personal?
Sara: Mm, I missed you. Yeah.
Hogan: It's felt kinda wrong the past few days not having you slowing me up.
Sara: Did it?
Hogan: Yeah, damn it.
Sara: What's the matter?
Hogan: Well, you see, there's a problem, Sister... I should have never met up with you in the first place.

Sara: We have to get that trap door open, too, don't we?
Hogan: You know what you're talkin' about's crazy, Sara.
Sara: Listen, Hogan, everybody's got a right to be a sucker once.

Hogan: You praying for me?
Sara: Yes.
Hogan: Well then I must be drunk enough 'cause, damn my eyes, I find that kinda touching.

Hogan: You let me down, Sister. You let me down.
Sara: Then why don't you get on your horse?
Hogan: Because.
Sara: You're too drunk to ride alone. I'll have to get on with you. Hold on to the mane. Lean back against me. Lean back. Tell your horse to get moving.
Hogan: I like being in the arms of a good-looking nun. How do you like it, Sister?
Sara: The Church allows this for your safety but you may not take liberties.
Hogan: I apologise, ma'am. I most sincerely do.

Hogan: When I give the signal, you get ready to move.
Sara: This little cottontail wishes she had that cross back.

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