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The Caller: I have no use for you, Stu.

The Caller: Get this man a seat on Oprah.

The Caller: This guy is getting on my nerves.

Stu: So you're an actor?
The Caller: Yes, one of your pathetic failed ones. You don't have to come find me and ruin me, I can't get work as it is. I've done some off-Broadway, some off-Manhattan, but that dried up. Now I wait tables, clean toilets, anything I can to make the rent. I'm a walking cliché.

The Caller: At least now you'll die with a clean conscience.
Stu: No, you're the one who's gonna fucking die.

The Caller: Stu, if you hang up, I will kill you.

The Caller: You are going to learn to obey me.

Stu: So you'd just whack me for no particular reason?
The Caller: Oh, I've got plenty of reasons. And you keep giving me more.

The Caller: You're in this position because you're not telling the truth.
Stu: No, I'm in this fucking position because you have A GUN.

The Caller: That's it, the captain gets a bullet.

Stu: You shoot the guy, and I'm responsible?
The Caller: It looked that way from up here.
Stu: I don't know what I did to you, but whatever it was I'm glad. Alright, I wish it had been worse, I wish you had fucking died.
The Caller: Yes! Finally some honesty.

The Caller: Come on Stu. You're a selfish guy. Just pick one of them and save yourself.

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David Breckinridge: You're late.
Jill Marin: It's a minute past.
David Breckinridge: Yeah. And that makes you late.

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Athos: You go back and you tell the Cardinal we will continue to perform our sworn duty, which is to protect the King, and we will use every means within our power to fight him.
Rochefort: Bold words. I look forward to ramming them down your throat.

Athos: Only a fool would try and arrest us twice in one day.
Guard: You're under arrest.
Porthos/Aramis: A fool.
Guard: Are you coming peacefully or do you intend to resist?
Porthos: Oh, don't be so stupid, of course we intend to resist. Just give us a moment.

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Curtis Freley: Everyone who plays the game understands the rules.

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Cop at Gas Station: Had you had a fight recently?
Jeff Harriman: Not a fight, a thing.
Cop at Gas Station: ...A thing?
Jeff Harriman: Yeah, a thing, don't you have a girlfriend?
Cop at Gas Station: Yeah. And what you think is a thing, you can bet your life she thinks is a fight.

Jeff Harriman: I just want to know what happened to Diane.
Barney Cousins: Then you'll want to listen to the story, and you'll want to listen carefully because sometimes the Devil is in the details.

Barney Cousins: You don't care if she's alive or dead anymore.
Jeff Harriman: Yes I do.
Jeff Harriman: No you don't. You're just scared that without the search you won't know who you are. Who is Jeff Harriman, if he's not the guy looking for Diane? Can you really walk away from finally knowing the answer?

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Samson: Those boxes are bad news. Stay away.

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