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Sarah Tobias: What the hell are you talking about? You saw me at the hospital, what you think I asked for that? Is that what you think? If that's what you think then you get the fuck out of my house.

Sarah Tobias: Are you deaf, asshole? No comment.

Sarah Tobias: You don't understand how I feel! I'm standing there with my pants down and my crotch hung out for the world to see and three guys are sticking it to me, a bunch of other guys are yelling and clapping and you're standing there telling me that that's the best you can do. Well, if that's the best you could do, then your best sucks! Now, I don't know what you got for selling me out, but I sure as shit hope it was worth it.

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Walter Black: Eat the pill, read the book, see the bleeding expert. Well, Walter finally helped himself.
Meredith Black: Listen to yourself, this is insane. You're talking about a puppet.
Walter Black: No, Meredith, you're talking about a bloody puppet. We're talking about a miracle.

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Tallulah: Suddenly everybody wants to be in show business.

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Michael Longstreet: What happened to your sense of humor?
Penelope Longstreet: I don't have a sense of humor and I don't want one.

Penelope Longstreet: My husband has spent the entire afternoon drying things.

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Kyle: You get off the plane when I say you get off the plane.

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Annabel: Max, you big hamburger.

Mrs. Andrews: Annabel, how do you like yourself?
Annabel: I'm not sure yet.
Mrs. Andrews: Annabel, about your hair, I swear they only took off an inch and a half. And I bought you a new outfit, but you don't have to wear it. your teeth! Don't you like your teeth now?
Annabel: Mom, I'm not talking about how I look, I'm talking about how I am. I'm a lot smarter than I realised I am, and a lot dumber too.

Annabel: This is my room. Don't knock it, I like it this way, you don't have to find anything.

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The Nurse: You know why they call him Everest? I think you do. (00:08:30)

The Nurse: Things are going to Hell in a handbasket full of blood and shit. (01:09:30)

The Nurse: Just another Wednesday. (00:11:15)

The Nurse: This is America, honey. 85% of what I fix is bullet holes. (00:15:20)

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Everest: Your room's a shithole.
The Nurse: Yeah, no maid service since 1976.

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Morgan: I need to say something to you, okay? You couldn't have changed anything, and none of that was your fault.
The Nurse: You got kids, Mo?
Morgan: Yeah, I got two.
The Nurse: Then you know. It's always your fault.

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Rynn: How old do you have to be before people start treating you like a person?

Mario: But what about school?
Rynn: School is having people tell you what life is and never finding out by yourself.

Mario: You keep saying "them" like everyone's out to get you.
Rynn: Maybe they are.

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