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Gabriel Law: Yulaw! You came here for me. Now I'm here for you.
Gabriel Yulaw: After this, there will be only one.
Gabriel Law: I won't be The One, but neither will you.

Gabriel Yulaw: The shortest distance between two points will always be a straight line.
Harry Roedecker: Your line has run out! You don't... You don't see that?

T.K.: You were shot. You need to be examined.
Gabriel Law: You can do it.
T.K.: Uh... Newsflash. I'm a vet. You don't have paws and a tail.

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Kai: I was afraid prison would make you soft.
Han Sing: People don't get soft in prison.

Han Sing: Sorry Moron.
Maurice: Name's Maurice, bitch.

Trish: Can you break one of those boards with your head?
Han Sing: Sure.
Trish: I'd have to see that.

Han Sing: Great country. Free cars.

Han Sing: What's your name?
Trish: You think I want you calling me?
Han Sing: I don't have a phone.
Trish: Yeah, well dead giveaway. Besides, you drive like shit.

Han Sing: For you, killing your son was like running a over a dog in the street. Just something in your way.

Trish: So Ahkbar, tell me, is it true what they say about Hong Kong?
Han Sing: What's that?
Trish: You know, all you guys do Kung Fu.
Han Sing: Of course. State law.

Han Sing: Where is she?
Maurice: You didn't really think you was gonna get them panties, now did you?
Han Sing: What?
Maurice: Trish. You didn't really think she was gonna give it up to you, now did you?

Han Sing: Dim Sum good. You call again. Dim Sum all time. Thanks.

Han Sing: I can't hit a girl.
Trish: Look, I don't know how it is in China, but in America, if a girl is kicking your ass, you do not have to be a gentleman.

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Danny: My mother, she was a whore.

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