Andy Dick

Quotes from Andy Dick movies and TV shows

Teddy: You're packing?
Buzz: Could you say that just a little bit louder, I don't think the guards heard you?
Teddy: That is against the law.
Buzz: Well I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.

Jesse: So, how's Mary?
Teddy: Oh, she hates me.
Jesse: Maybe it's just a phase... her hating you.
Teddy: Uh, huh... Oh no, she's pretty much hated me since the day I got her pregnant.

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Attractive Woman: Are you staring at my breasts?
Lon: I don't know.

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The Wizard: Time for my vacation! I'm off to Scotland.
Mambo: Uhh... why?

Mambo: I hate gravity.

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Mordechai Jefferson Carver: Let's dance the hora.
Damian Claus: You're a hora.

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