Quotes from Patrick Fabian movies and TV shows

Jimmy McGill: YOU! WILL! ATONE!
Howard Hamlin: What can we do for you, Jimmy?

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Cotton Marcus: I should have read the letter a little more thoroughly.

Cotton Marcus: She's a sixteen year old girl. All right? We can overpower her if we need to.
Daniel Moskowitz: Yeah, a sixteen year old girl and a sixteen year old psychopath are two different things.

Becky Davis: What are you all doing?
Cotton Marcus: We're making a movie.
Becky Davis: Oh. So, are you all shooting this now?
Cotton Marcus: Yeah.
Becky Davis: So will I be in it?
Cotton Marcus: Yeah, you will.
Becky Davis: Oh.

Cotton Marcus: What I want to do is expose exorcism for the scam that it really is, and that's why we're doing this. So if I can help expose it for what it really is and save one kid from having a plastic bag wrapped around his face, that sounds like God's work.

Cotton Marcus: The Sweetzer farm, please.
Caleb Sweetzer: Right. Well, you're going the wrong direction. You want to make a U-turn, actually.
Cotton Marcus: Okay.
Caleb Sweetzer: You want to take this road and go straight. You'll see things you've already seen before. Keep on going. You're gonna hit the highway. Okay? And then I want you to go back where you came from.

Cotton Marcus: Is that regular water?

Cotton Marcus: Hey, Louis.
Louis Sweetzer: Yes, sir.
Cotton Marcus: Now, just remember. I took the devil out of your house, but it's your job to keep him out.

Nell Sweetzer: Reverend Marcus, I hear you don't believe in me.
Cotton Marcus: Who are you?
Nell Sweetzer: Abalam.
Cotton Marcus: Where's Nell?
Nell Sweetzer: In the fire. She's been there for some time. Soon you'll join her.

Cotton Marcus: You know, I used to want to have a TV ministry. I thought that'd be cool. And now, frankly, all I really want is health insurance.

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