Quotes from Devon Sawa movies and TV shows

Liquor Store Manager: I said you'll have to leave or we'll call the police.
Kyle: Oh, relax okay?
Liquor Store Manager: That's it Barney, call the police.
Eric: Yeah, Barney cause you got first big guy? Hey ah, do you like this? Points to the bottle of wine.
Liquor Store Manager: Put the bottle back, sir.

Luke Cooper: What are you doing?
Megan: What?
Luke Cooper: Go ahead.
Megan: Oh you mean ta - yeah. Yeah, right.
Luke Cooper: We've outlined the rules. Very specifically. Women have to take off their tops. Right boys?
Megan: That's uh, pretty funny.
Eric: Go ahead.
Brad: Why?
Luke Cooper: Brad.
Megan: Okay, Hold on, are you some kind of pervert or something?
Kyle: Okay, Lets say we talk about something else, hey guys?

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Junior Floyd: Ew, that's disgusting! It looks like they're trying to swallow each other's heads.

Junior Floyd: That's right Spike! The Icebox is going to defrost you.

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