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Frances Stevens: Doesn't it make you nervous to be in the same room with thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, and unable to touch them?
John Robie: No.
Frances Stevens: Like an alcoholic outside of a bar on Election Day?
John Robie: Wouldn't know the feeling.

Frances Stevens: I've never caught a jewel thief before. It's stimulating. It's like... It's like.
John Robie: Like sitting in a hot tub?

H. H. Hughson: You are a man of obvious good taste in everything. Why did you.
John Robie: Why did I take up stealing? To live better, to own things I couldn't afford, to acquire this good taste that you now enjoy and which I should be very reluctant to give up.
H. H. Hughson: Then you are frankly dishonest.
John Robie: I try to be.

John Robie: Danielle, you are just a girl. She is a woman.
Danielle Foussard: Why buy an old car if you can get a new one cheaper? It will run better and last longer.

John Robie: For what it's worth, I never stole from anybody who would go hungry.

John Robie: May I ask you a personal question?
Frances Stevens: I've been hoping you would.

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Christine Easton: After 7:45, you can have the bathroom all day if you'd like.
Sir William Rutland: I wouldn't know what to do in the bathroom all day.

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