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Walter Burns: Look, Hildy, I only acted like any husband that didn't want to see his home broken up.
Hildy Johnson: What home?
Walter Burns: "What home"? Don't you remember the home I promised you?

Walter Burns: What do you think I am, a crook?
Hildy Johnson: Yes.

Walter Burns: What were you when you came here five years ago - a little college girl from a school of journalism. I took a doll-faced hick.
Hildy Johnson: Well, you wouldn't take me if I hadn't been doll-faced.
Walter Burns: Well, why should I? I thought it would be a novelty to have a face around here a man could look at without shuddering.

Walter Burns: Diabetes! I ought to know better than to hire anybody with a disease.

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Jim Blandings: It just so happened that General... uh... Gates stopped right there at that very house to water his horses.
Bill Cole: I don't care if General Grant dropped in for a scotch and soda. You're still getting rooked.
Jim Blandings: That was a different war.

Jim Blandings: What's with this kissing all of a sudden? I don't like it. Every time he goes out of this house, he shakes my hand and kisses you.
Muriel Blandings: Would you prefer it the other way around?

Muriel Blandings: Mr. Zucca explained he has to use dynamite to blast to get rid of the rock.
Mr. Zucca: That's no rock. That's a ledge.
Bill Cole: What Mr. Blandings means is, what precisely is a ledge?
Mr. Zucca: A ledge is like a big stone. Only it's bigger.
Jim Blandings: Like a boulder.
Mr. Zucca: No, like a ledge.

Muriel Blandings: Maybe you ought to go down and lock the doors.
Jim Blandings: What for? The windows are all open anyway.

Gussie: The children like Wham.
Jim Blandings: Well, there must be other things that we.
Gussie: Mrs. Blandings likes it, too.
Jim Blandings: Just the same.
Gussie: And I consider it very tasty.

Jim Blandings: Nothing, Mary. Just a private joke between me and whoever's going to be my analyst.

Jim Blandings: Nothing, Mary. Just a private joke between me and whoever my analyst is going to be.

Jim Blandings: This little piggy went to market. A meek and as mild as a lamb. He smiled in his tracks. When they slipped him the axe. He knew he'd turn out to be Wham.

Jim Blandings: Now, just a minute. I'm entitled to know what I did. This is America. A man is guilty until proven innocent.

Muriel Blandings: Jim, I wish you wouldn't discuss money in front of the children.
Jim Blandings: Why not? They spend enough of it.

Jim Blandings: It's a conspiracy, I tell you. The minute you start they put you on the all-American sucker list. You start out to build a home and wind up in the poorhouse. And if it can happen to me, what about the guys who aren't making $15,000 a year? The ones who want a home of their own. It's a conspiracy, I tell you - -against every boy and girl who were ever in love.

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Nick Arden: Impulsive? He's full of carrots.

Nick Arden: Something's come up. My wife.

Nick Arden: I came here with my wife... hum... my bride really. Now my wife, not my bride... my wife... Why should I bore you with details?
Hotel clerk: I won't be bored.
Nick Arden: Listen, it's just simple as A B C.
Hotel clerk: Don't tell me you got someone in B?

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[Roger Thornhill's matchbook carries the initials RoT.]
Eve Kendall: What does the O stand for?
Roger Thornhill: Oh, nothing.

Roger Thornhill: I don't like the way Teddy Roosevelt is looking at me.

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