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Wally Stanton: I see that you're keeping up with the Agatha Christie affair. Tell me, do you think that she is dead? Everyone seems to.
Agatha Christie: They do, don't they?
Wally Stanton: That is all except her husband. I read this morning that he offered five hundred pounds for information. What do you think?
Agatha Christie: Perhaps that is all she is worth.

Wally Stanton: Would you care for a kiss?
Agatha Christie: No.
Wally Stanton: Would you care for a cigarette?
Agatha Christie: No thank you.
Wally Stanton: Would you care if I told you that these clumsy attempts of humor are simply my way of telling you that I find myself very attracted to you?
Agatha Christie: I'd much rather you didn't.
Wally Stanton: Why?
Agatha Christie: Because I love my husband very much. My husband was very dear to me.

Agatha Christie: Why are you smiling?
Wally Stanton: I am smiling because you're just like your books after all. Always a surprise ending.

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Claire: Charlie doesn't approve, which makes it all the more fun.

Claire: I think you understand why I'm saying you're a total idiot.
Charlie: Okay, okay, gran. Don't sugarcoat it.
Claire: I won't.

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Peggy Ramsay: Prison gives a writer credentials.
John Lahr: Everyone else, it takes them away.

Peggy Ramsay: At moments of triumph, men can do without their wives... But sharing is what wives want.

Peggy Ramsay: Ken was the first wife. He did all the work and the waiting and then.
John Lahr: Well, first wives don't usually beat their husbands' heads in.
Peggy Ramsay: No. Though why I can't think.
John Lahr: So what does that make you? The second wife?
Peggy Ramsay: Better than that, dear. The widow.

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