Ernie Hudson

Quotes from Ernie Hudson movies and TV shows

Officer Sam 'Mad Dog' Shaw: Where you guys from, Texas?
Pepper: Texas? Ain't no real cowboys from Texas, we're from New Mexico.

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Albrecht: Police! Don't move! I said, don't move!
Eric Draven: I thought the police always said freeze.
Albrecht: Well, I am the police, and I say, "Don't move" Snow White. You move, you're dead.
Eric Draven: And I say I'm dead and I move.

Albrecht: Say? Are you some kind of...of ghost?
Eric Draven: Boo.

Albrecht: You the one who killed Tin-Tin?
Eric Draven: He was already dead. He died one year ago, the moment he touched her. They're all dead. They just don't know it yet.

Albrecht: At least he didn't do that walk against the wind shit, I hate that.

Sarah: No onions for me, though, okay?
Albrecht: No onions?
Sarah: They make you fart big time.

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Winston: Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "yes!"

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Peyton: Are you a retard?
Solomon: No.
Peyton: Did you like looking at me?.. Did you like looking at me? Don't fuck with me, retard. My version of the story will be... better.

Solomon: I won't let you hurt them.

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