Quotes from Tom Atkins movies and TV shows

Linda Challis: Children, we leave our food AT the table.
Daniel Challis: I'm sorry, it's bad timing.
Linda Challis: I'm used to it. Remember?

Daniel Challis: It's getting late. I could use a drink.

Daniel Challis: Teddy, do me another favor, will you? Find out everything you can about Conal Cochran. He runs Silver Shamrock, the Halloween mask people.
Teddy: Conal Cochran. Okay, but this is gonna cost you some serious dinners when you get back.
Daniel Challis: I'm always ready for dinner with you.
Teddy: Liar. Bye.

Daniel Challis: I saw something that night... I don't know, your father came into the hospital. He - I thought he was crazy, out of his mind. He's hanging onto a Halloween mask, he wouldn't let it go... And what he said was, "They're gonna kill us all." And in a little while he was dead. And I don't know what the hell is going on.

Ellie Grimbridge: I feel like a goldfish.
Daniel Challis: Company town.

Ellie Grimbridge: Irish Halloween masks?
Daniel Challis: In California, you never know.

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Frank McCrae: He'll kill again... he enjoys killing.

Frank McCrae: Whole city's goin' to hell. You can't take a pee anywhere anymore.

Commissioner Pike: Tell me something, when was the last time you had a mental test?
Frank McCrae: ...anytime, Commissioner.
Commissioner Pike: As a matter of fact, didn't you try to shoot yourself a couple of years back?
Frank McCrae: ...gun went off.

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