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Carol Sanders: My darling, you did not do a terrible thing. You told me about it. If you hadn't have told me, then that would have been cheating.
Bob Sanders: I know what cheating is. Cheating is when you ball a chick that's not your wife That's cheating.

Carol Sanders: I didn't do it because you did it.
Bob Sanders: Why then? Oh, why, God Almighty.
Carol Sanders: I did it because I wanted to do it.
Bob Sanders: Why?
Carol Sanders: Because! Because I wanted to do it! I-I-I just wanted to see if I could do it.
Bob Sanders: Why in my house? Why in my bed?
Carol Sanders: Well, Bob, it just seems like a convenient thing. You were not going to be here.
Bob Sanders: He's not in my pajamas, is he?
Carol Sanders: No.

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Bill Maxwell: They give... and office like this to a kid... a girl? Come on now, counselor. I wasn't born yesterday.
Pam Davidson: No, it was more like 1880, wasn't it, Bill?
Bill Maxwell: That's very funny.

Bill Maxwell: And so we went to NewFOUNDland to make friends with all the whales and a bunch of little fishies.

Bill Maxwell: You get to be vice principal. Counselor... she's a junior partner. Yours truly, Dumbo Maxwell's chuggin' across the finish line... folks up in the gallery yellin' down "Go, geezer! Go!"

Bill Maxwell: You're about as religious as a Las Vegas nightclub owner.

Bill Maxwell: This stinks. I hate this.

Bill Maxwell: She may be your girlfriend but she's my counselor and nobody messes with her. That's it.

Pam Davidson: I am disgusted with the both of you.
Ralph Hinkley: Why?
Bill Maxwell: About what?
Pam Davidson: I don't know yet.

Ralph Hinkley: Bill, I've got an idea.
Bill Maxwell: Good, put it to me in a letter, I'll try to get back to you by the end of the month.

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Kelly Robinson: Don't you ever bring a silencer?
Alexander Scott: Ruins the line of my suit.
Kelly Robinson: Mine too.

Alexander Scott: Has anyone told you how good you look in that?
Kelly Robinson: Why, no.
Alexander Scott: Well, if they do, smack 'em in the face real fast, because they're not your friend.

Kelly Robinson: It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black.

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