Quotes from Maria Bonnevie movies and TV shows

Dina: I know of no fine words to do with love. They wither like flowers when I try to pick them.

Dina: Look at me. Look at me. Let all the cares and sorrows of this world fall away from you.

Niels: It's a lie.
Dina: Oh, yes?
Niels: Oh, yes.
Dina: At any rate, she is pregnant and I hardly think that the child was put there by the Holy Ghost.

Dina: Kindness isn't exactly what I'm best known for.
Leo Zhukovsky: Then I'm in luck this evening.

Leo Zhukovsky: You seem to take all this talk of suffering and death very well.
Dina: I'm not easily scared.
Leo Zhukovsky: Not even by death?
Dina: Not even by that.

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Princess: I must go with the bear.
King of the winterland: Damn that bear.

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