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Sam Weston: You gotta lighten up.
Phil Weston: He started it.

Phil Weston: You're my assistant. You're supposed to back me up and go get me juiceboxes whenever I want. Now go get me a juicebox.
Mike Ditka: DO you know WHO you'RE talking to?
Phil Weston: I'm talkin' to the juicebox guy.
Mike Ditka: You're crazy.
Phil Weston: I'm not crazy, I'm just thirsty.
Mike Ditka: OH, you GO to hell.
Phil Weston: No, you go to hell, and while you're there, why don't you grab me a juicebox.

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Dr. Rick Marshall: If you don't make it, it's your own damn "vault." That's a bitch slap of truth right there.

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Lord Business: Whoo! Nothing's gonna stop me now.
Vitruvius: Wait. There was a prophecy.
Lord Business: Oh, now there's a prophecy.
Vitruvius: About the Piece of Resistance.
Lord Business: Oh, yes! The supposed Piece of Resistance that can somehow magically disarm the Kragle. Give me a break!
Vitruvius: One day, a talented lass or fellow A Special One with face of yellow, will make the Piece of Resistance found from its hiding refuge underground and with a noble army at the helm, this MasterBuilder will thwart the Kragle and save the realm and be the greatest, most interesting most important person of all times. All of this is true, because it rhymes.
Lord Business: Oh, wow. That was a great inspiring legend... That you made up. A prophecy? What a bunch of hippy...dippy...baloney.

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Megamind: You dare challenge Megamind?
Titan: This town isn't big enough for two super-villians.
Megamind: Oh, you're a villain all right. Just not a super one.
Titan: Yeah? What's the difference?

Roxanne Ritchie: So that's it then? You're just giving up?
Megamind: I'm the bad guy. I don't save the day, I don't fly off into the sunset and I don't get the girl. I'm going home.

Metro Man: We all know how this ends: with you behind bars!
Megamind: Oooh, I'm shaking in my custom baby seal leather boots!

Megamind: Here's my day so far: went to jail, lost the girl of my dreams and got my butt kicked pretty good. Still, things could be a lot worse. Oh, that's right... I'm falling to my death. Guess they can't. How did it all come to this? Well, my end starts at the beginning... The very beginning!

Megamind: Let's stop wasting time and call your boyfriend in tights, shall we?

Roxanne Ritchi: What's the plan?
Megamind: It mostly involves *not dying*!
Roxanne Ritchi: That's a good plan, I like that plan...!

Minion: So what's the plan, sir?
Megamind: I have no idea!

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Walt Wagner: Maybe you should go back to your shrink... Discuss it.
Hobie: He just recommended Prozac. I think he has stock in the company, honestly.

Hobie: I think it'd be only fair to tell you. I'm a Liberal.
Stacey: Oh. Are you talking politically, or in the bedroom?
Hobie: I was talking politically. In the bedroom I'm a left-wing Liberal.

Hobie: What? What's going on? Wait, all? we used to make love all the time and now, there's always an excuse.
Susan: I told you, I'm going through an emotionally difficult time creatively.
Hobie: You feel like we don't communicate anymore?
Susan: Of course we communicate. Now can we not talk about it anymore?

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