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Ron Burgundy: I'm so lonely, I paid a hobo to spoon with me.

Wes Mantooth: With the things I've done in my life, oh I know I'm going to burn in hell. So I sure as shit ain't afraid to burn here on earth.
Ron Burgundy: Oh my goodness! That's the most badass thing I've ever heard!

Ron Burgundy: Who the hell is Julius Ceasar? You know I don't follow the NBA!

Ron Burgundy: If you've got an ass like the North Star, wise men are gonna want to follow it.

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Isabel Bigelow: Oh, we're going to kiss aren't we?
Jack Wyatt: I thought so. But, thanks for ruining the moment Miss Narrator.

Jack Wyatt: Umm... This is terrible.
Uncle Arthur: I know! I just... love to blend.

Jack Wyatt: Where is my dog? I will die if I do not have him back! Do you understand me? I will DIE if I DO not have HIM back.

Jack Wyatt: I'm going to be killed by a fictional character.
Uncle Arthur: Yes, you are.

Jack Wyatt: Endora, you rancid fruit bag, get out of my room.

Jack Wyatt: Let's make love in a hot-air balloon - let's make love in a candy factory - let's make love in a petting zoo.
Isabel Bigelow: I have to undo this.
Jack Wyatt: Let's make love at Sea World on the back of a killer whale.

Jack Wyatt: So, were your parents in the witch business?
Isabel Bigelow: Both of them. My mother fixed the 1986 World Series.
Stu Robison: Someone make a note of that.

Jack Wyatt: Watch the road.
Uncle Arthur: Hey, is it Porsche, or Porsha?

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Chazz: You know what dude, your hand has to be on top.
Jimmy: No way, the girl's goes on top.
Chazz: Yeah, ergo, chick.
Jimmy: I'm not the girl, I'm stronger!
Chazz: No, I'M stronger, and don't have a vagina.

Jimmy: I call top bunk!
Chazz: No, I already did.
Jimmy: No you didn't.
Chazz: Yes I did. In my mind.

Jimmy: I see you got fat!
Chazz: I see you still look like a 15-year-old girl but not hot.

Jimmy: Get out of my face.
Chazz: I'll get inside your face.

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