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Eric Marsh: The world's full of people taking chances.

Amanda Marsh: You got something to say to me before you walk out that door?
Eric Marsh: Well, I guess I said some shit last night I shouldn't have.
Amanda Marsh: Yeah. You did. Why?
Eric Marsh: Because.
Amanda Marsh: Because what?
Eric Marsh: 'Cause... you're smarter than I am, especially when we squabble. And it pisses me off.
Amanda Marsh: Well, I can appreciate that.
Eric Marsh: I bet you can.

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Dr. Dakota Block: Goodbye, Bill.
Dr. William Block: Don't you mean "see you later"?
Dr. Dakota Block: Of course.

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Matt Graver: You gonna help us start a war.
Alejandro: With who?
Matt Graver: Everyone.

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