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Dean Martin: Hey Frank, how do you make a fruit cordial?
Frank Sinatra: I don't know Dean, how do you make a fruit cordial?
Dean Martin: Be nice to it.

Frank Sinatra: If power doesn't mean that you have the opportunity to work with the people that you love, then you haven't really got any.

Frank Sinatra: How tall are you, Peter?
Peter Lawford: About six foot one.
Frank Sinatra: Don't cut yourself off at the knees.

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Donald Carruthers: Do you know what? Urine is good for your skin? My grandmother... I swear to god, my grandmother told me. She said... She didn, 'cause when I used to get a zit or something, she said.
Richard Messner: She pissed on your face?
Donald Carruthers: Get the fuck out of here. Are you fucking nuts?
Richard Messner: What?
Donald Carruthers: She's my grandmother.
Richard Messner: You just told me your grandmother said that piss is good for your skin.

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Dr. David Krane: I'm telling you that your formula works, and you're telling me about rats.
Dr. Martha Briggs: Okay... okay, I want you in my lab. I need uh, full blood work, an EKG, full respiratory - and a brain scan wouldn't be a bad idea. Make sure you have one.

Lindy Krane: I wanna be a lawyer, just like mommy.
Dr. David Krane: I thought you wanted to be a doctor, like me.
Lindy Krane: No, lawyers make more money.

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Officer Pete Davis: Arrest you? I could kill you.

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