Jennifer Love Hewitt

Quotes from Jennifer Love Hewitt movies and TV shows

Melinda Gordon: I don't have to love you... I choose to.

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Page Conners: Why can't we pick someone kinda cute?
Max Conners: Dean was kinda cute.
Page Conners: You're in serious denial.
Max Conners: Cute is dangerous. Cute leads to feeling, which leads to screwing, which leads to screwed.

Max Conners: Mothers are death.
Page Conners: Can't argue there.

Page Conners: Look, just give it to me, or would you rather have my heel up your ass?
Jack Withrowe: Who told you I'm into that?

Page Conners: I'd have to kiss that?
Max Conners: Well, I'd have to kiss that way more than you.
Page Conners: Maybe you're into necrophilia.

Jack Withrowe: Tell me to my face you don't love me.
Page Conners: I don't love you.
Jack Withrowe: Wow. More believable than I thought it would be.

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Del Blaine: Oh my God.
Jimmy Tong: Oh your God what?

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