Michelle Williams

Quotes from Michelle Williams movies and TV shows

Dean: In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is, which makes you insane.
Cindy: I like how you can compliment and insult somebody at the same time, in equal measure.

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Arlene Lorenzo: I love Dick.

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Penny Travis: Is there such a thing as the human heart, now there's the better question.
Tim Travis: Well, if you listen closely, you can hear 'em breaking.

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Marilyn Monroe: Don't forget me.
Colin Clark: As if I could.

Sir Laurence Olivier: Marilyn, my darling, you are an angel and I kiss the hem of your garment but why can't you get here on time for the love of fuck?
Marilyn Monroe: Oh, you have that word in England too, ha?

Arthur Jacobs: Marilyn, is it true you wear nothing in bed but Perfume?
Marilyn Monroe: Darling, as I'm in England let's say I sleep in nothing but Yardley's lavender.

Colin Clark: Let me protect you from all this.
Marilyn Monroe: What are you gonna do? Marry me?
Colin Clark: Why not? You could quit this. Forget Marilyn Monroe. Forget Hollywood. Let it all go. Just let it go.
Marilyn Monroe: I couldn't just give it up.
Colin Clark: Why not? Why not when it drives you crazy?
Marilyn Monroe: You think I'm crazy?
Colin Clark: I just meant you could be happy.
Marilyn Monroe: I am happy.
Colin Clark: ...Of course you're happy. You're the biggest star in the world.

Marilyn Monroe: Little girls should be told how pretty they are. They should grow up knowing how much their mother loves them.

Marilyn Monroe: All people ever see is Marilyn Monroe. As soon as they realise I'm not her, they run.

Marilyn Monroe: I want this to be the perfect date. I haven't had a real date since I was 13 years old.

Marilyn Monroe: Forgive my horrible face.

Marilyn Monroe: Why do the people I love always leave me?

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Oz: I might not actually be a wizard...
Glinda: Yes, but they don't know that.

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Elizabeth: That article... it was just wish fulfillment. I was writing about how I wanted things to be. And the way people talking about it, the way you talked about it, it made it seem real.
Ruby: Well maybe it can be.
Elizabeth: No, it was just a dream I held onto for way too long.

Ruby: Lizzy, I'm not crying because you're mean. I just can't imagine how incredibly painful it must be to be you.

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Lucile Angellier: Hardly a word of our true feelings had ever been spoken. Not a single word about love.

Lucile Angellier: Be careful... with your life.
Lieutenant Bruno von Falk: Is it precious to you?
Lucile Angellier: Yes. It is precious to me.

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Margot: I should've called. I just didn't know what to say.
Lou: It's hard to know, I guess.

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