Most thriller movie visible crew/equipment of 2012

1Skyfall pictureSkyfall (2012)4
2The Aggression Scale pictureThe Aggression Scale (2012)3
3The Dark Knight Rises pictureThe Dark Knight Rises (2012)3
4Safe pictureSafe (2012)1
5The Pact pictureThe Pact (2012)1
6Silent Hill: Revelation pictureSilent Hill: Revelation (2012)1
7Premium Rush picturePremium Rush (2012)1
8Death Race: Inferno pictureDeath Race: Inferno (2012)1
9Cleanskin pictureCleanskin (2012)1
10The Amazing Spider-Man pictureThe Amazing Spider-Man (2012)1
11The Woman in Black pictureThe Woman in Black (2012)1
12The Hunger Games pictureThe Hunger Games (2012)1

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