Most comedy movie character mistakes of 2010

1Red pictureRed (2010)2
2The Other Guys pictureThe Other Guys (2010)1
3Gulliver's Travels pictureGulliver's Travels (2010)1
4Tucker & Dale Vs Evil pictureTucker & Dale Vs Evil (2010)1
5Knight & Day pictureKnight & Day (2010)1
6Tooth Fairy pictureTooth Fairy (2010)1
7Valentine's Day pictureValentine's Day (2010)1
8The Bounty Hunter pictureThe Bounty Hunter (2010)1
9Sex and the City 2 pictureSex and the City 2 (2010)1
10Get Him to the Greek pictureGet Him to the Greek (2010)1
11Despicable Me pictureDespicable Me (2010)1
12The Sorcerer's Apprentice pictureThe Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)1



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