Most horror movie factual errors of 2005

1Hostel pictureHostel (2005)5
2Constantine pictureConstantine (2005)4
3The Exorcism of Emily Rose pictureThe Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)3
4The Fog pictureThe Fog (2005)3
5The Amityville Horror pictureThe Amityville Horror (2005)3
6The Cave pictureThe Cave (2005)2
7Wolf Creek pictureWolf Creek (2005)2
8The Ring Two pictureThe Ring Two (2005)2
9An American Haunting pictureAn American Haunting (2005)2
10Locusts pictureLocusts (2005)2
11The Devil's Rejects pictureThe Devil's Rejects (2005)1
12The Skeleton Key pictureThe Skeleton Key (2005)1
13Cry_Wolf pictureCry_Wolf (2005)1
14Doom pictureDoom (2005)1
15Saw II pictureSaw II (2005)1
16White Noise pictureWhite Noise (2005)1
172001 Maniacs picture2001 Maniacs (2005)1
18Alone in the Dark pictureAlone in the Dark (2005)1
19Alien Express pictureAlien Express (2005)1
20The Gingerdead Man pictureThe Gingerdead Man (2005)1
21House of Wax pictureHouse of Wax (2005)1
22The Descent pictureThe Descent (2005)1



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