Most thriller movie visible crew/equipment of 1998

1Ronin pictureRonin (1998)6
2U.S. Marshals pictureU.S. Marshals (1998)4
3Rush Hour pictureRush Hour (1998)3
4Sphere pictureSphere (1998)3
5Urban Legend pictureUrban Legend (1998)3
6Armageddon pictureArmageddon (1998)3
7Blade pictureBlade (1998)3
8Psycho picturePsycho (1998)2
9Killing Time pictureKilling Time (1998)2
10Who Am I? pictureWho Am I? (1998)2
11Dark City pictureDark City (1998)2
12The X-Files Movie pictureThe X-Files Movie (1998)2
13Deep Impact pictureDeep Impact (1998)1
14Mercury Rising pictureMercury Rising (1998)1
15Enemy of the State pictureEnemy of the State (1998)1
16The Faculty pictureThe Faculty (1998)1
17Run Lola Run pictureRun Lola Run (1998)1
18Fallen pictureFallen (1998)1
19Desperate Measures pictureDesperate Measures (1998)1
20Pi picturePi (1998)1
21Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels pictureLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)1
22Apt Pupil pictureApt Pupil (1998)1
23Ringu pictureRingu (1998)1
24Dead Man's Curve pictureDead Man's Curve (1998)1
25The Siege pictureThe Siege (1998)1
26Zero Effect pictureZero Effect (1998)1
27The Patriot pictureThe Patriot (1998)1
28Twilight pictureTwilight (1998)1
29Black Dog pictureBlack Dog (1998)1
30Very Bad Things pictureVery Bad Things (1998)1



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