Most mystery movie visible crew/equipment of 1998

1Urban Legend pictureUrban Legend (1998)3
2The Big Lebowski pictureThe Big Lebowski (1998)3
3Sphere pictureSphere (1998)3
4The X-Files Movie pictureThe X-Files Movie (1998)2
5Psycho picturePsycho (1998)2
6Dark City pictureDark City (1998)2
7Twilight pictureTwilight (1998)1
8Ringu pictureRingu (1998)1
9Dead Man's Curve pictureDead Man's Curve (1998)1
10Zero Effect pictureZero Effect (1998)1
11The Faculty pictureThe Faculty (1998)1
12Practical Magic picturePractical Magic (1998)1



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